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Humboldt Poison Strain by _ Pina Cannabis _ Review _

Venom worth the bite _THC 27% CBD 0.06%_sativa _

The look and smell : I say yes worth it. It does come "high" on the recommendation!!

I went on their site and they seem like a cool company. They state to grow responsible is important so that is for sure important Humboldt Poison , it for sure give you that punch in just one hit. ) It is better that tea or coffee for a midday pick me up for the last of the days grind. Right now you can pick it up @ sweet jane tell them we sent you just so they know we love them with this one. Make sure to save the last 1/8th for me!

Glad they have this in stock damn it! It is priced a bit high yet I can see why. It needs no companion in the dusting of any extra kick. I think the balance is perfect. For sure citrus and super melon like honey dew. The bud is easy to break and is just wow factor of mother nature! The smell, the smoke, the high, it it hits all the marks. Even the hairs of orange, light green and white hairs that run almost all through the bud.

The Smoke: Super clean easy light to the drag. Smells and smokes sweet with a Pina after taste. Breaks easy.. It is a 5 sense hitter and the high is best ever I would say . I wish we didn't have tax on medical MJ. Anyways... The strain is the best and super impressive. Doesn’t need any company in the bowl. It works great as it is. Gives the body the right % to feel relaxed. Your head is still light and great for frontal migraines or headaches. It is a sativa so it wakes you the f up so you can get the day done and not feel uptight or stressed it helps you relax enough and leave no paranoia.

The High: It is a super hitter a older smoker cause the creep is great. It is a for sure day time work time smoke. It is great to be creative on a Sunday. If you like make music or art, perhaps reading or writing, whatever you have been working on or even working from home. The price is worth the bud. The sales tax can take it over the edge so try to find it when they have those % days. If you become a member here with basement critic you will get the inside scoop on a certain percent deals in the area and you get monthly surprises . for only 4.20 look for the button.

In the Know : _ about the strain: The reputation for crossed bud _ Durban Poison strain is what carries the sativa and all the extra qualities with super great reviews. And we have the other part of this strain: Humboldt OG – this is the strain is what brings in the physical relief of the indica in the 50/50

This is a up lifter strain with the capabilities to give you relief from anxiety and depression while easing physical discomfort as well. It is great day high for those that want yoga with a kick or are getting through the late night work hours at their home. Must be new strain as I can not find anything about it other that the cross strains...

For sure way in the top 5 wow list.

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