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J1_Team Elite Genetics _ The OMG _ Sativa)

Jack Herer and Skunk #1 is the cross of strains that make this J1

The Smell: Super light clouds on lemon trees.

Sugar like powder sugar turning into whip cream.

Super light hint of lemon aroma of sweet light Hawaii if I ever went

If I could shrink and play in a playground this would be the grass would choose.

Voted number one with us this month.

The Look: The Best Bud so far!

When you pull apart the bud it is perfect in texture. It is the best bud I have ever seen in how you see the white strains the crystals. Orange strains blended with white crystals and light green bud. Not to dense not to dry just right,

The Smoke: Take a slow drag or it will hit you over the head. Be slow and take your time on the drag. One hit will last a long time so it is best to not use this for like a party or you will waste the high and the bud. Even if you have the money, if you overdue the herb then you become a stone head and its not medication but then abuse in my opinion. Weed is like a drink in moderation. Unless of course you are in physical pain or need a day of mental health then by all means be responsible plan to stay home and hibernate not drive. Smooth creep lemon. Hits pretty slow and still airy. Not heavy headed. It lift up my back and my head and hep me stay focused. Working days at home it helps make the day not so scattered. Helps focus and clear. Excellent to work long hours during the day and stay focused. The top Stain in Sativa for sure. Lemon after taste and for sure hits a few minutes after the first 2 hits. Nothing else needed no extra kick from any concentrate and not a whole bowl before you actually feel it. Worth the cost of 49 and if you get a discount then its golden This company sounds amazing going to look them up more.

In the Know: The strain has won 1st place Sativa flower from High Times 2017

Great for those with ADD. I suggest it as I feel like it for sure helps me stay focused. I can usually go from one idea to another without being on a linear goal. Then with this I just totally tune in and stay focused Is it me is it the strain, You email me if you have a experience to share about the add thing. on this. it is for sure the combo of the two.

"Top Shelf" I can for sure see the reason why and it is for sure like what truffle is to the culinary world. If you can make it work in your budget it is worth the taste. I for sure am behind this strain. Is the package over done. For sure it is . Is it charm? Maybe I have mixed feelings. Love the design work for sure and the branding is great. Is it packaging that is not earth friendly for sure lots of waste and maybe people reuse some of the packaging as i sure do . But Sometime I also don't want to hoard. Do I recycle yes. But still... Now days in 2020 one has to think of packaging. Yes you want the bud fresh for sure and the transportation etc. what is the best way... well worth trying for sure)

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