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King Caviar Gold OG_ _

Terp Bud!! Terp infused flower rolled in kief __Hybrid Indica dominate

THC 23.06_ Most flowers around 23-25% THC. Plus hash oil with 95% THC. Then dusted to the stem with kief containing around 50%- 55% THC.

CBD 3.36_By The Little Cottage Caregivers

Lean more to an Expert Smoker and prepare to be in one spot and mediate. I was able t work with it. So this Morning is an unusual day. Woke up with a heaviness of many things on the mind personal and then to wake up to still be in a pandemic isn’t what I wanted to wake up to in LA. Hearing about this brand and their reputation I wanted to try this out. Caviar Gold cannabis processors they say is in the top 10 in the country, due to their additional "extraction method". The unique finishing process sets Caviar Gold apart from all other infused flower brands. Hybrid Indica

The Look: The percentage is about all that is impressive the bud not so much looks like a low grade. Remember do not let the looks fool on what can be on the inside. Dark green and look dense.

There are no crystals yet the dark hash that is a dark brown is in btw the bud.

The Smoke – NO distinct taste.. there is a camp fire like feeling to the drag. The bud is to be respected and done in a pipe or bong so each leaf is taken in. No waste nothing just to burn. this you do not want to just burn like in a joint or you would waste even a strain. Orange earthy very rustic flavor. Dark smell and tastes.

The High – 2 drags in a slow creeper. Light to the head and body.

Indoor Kief covered Infused flower with kief.

In the Know about this Strain:

Best for serious pain relief, enhance and relax mood, helps smooth out motor control issues, helps with immune function, nausea, relaxation, pleasure, pain, and memory. _ Kief infused to the stem bud_ Top Shelf.

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