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SLYMER Strain Review


Lets say this was a great find. A sweet surprise for coming in a low package.

The price was 48 that is with tax. but I got a discount) So it turned out to be like 40 bucks. I was a bit worried just as I had not heard of this strain and went in looking for J1 as I smoked it before I could really finish the review). Anyways so SLYMEr is great. It hits at 27% THC is pretty high for the price. It hits you pretty hard and my focus isn't as sharp as it was on J1. It is more cerebral then focused. However you for sure feel the hit so you get the citrus flavors but I would put this for a more body yoga meditation like high. If you wanted to be more in a realm of spiritual awaking. Recommended for weekend productive and spiritual growth it gets a huge A++.

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