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Moxie_Wow Stickie yuppie)

For the times when you need to meditated and calm out all the stress in the world.

This will be great before bed and when you are ready to watch a fun movie.

Snuggle with your lover and just relax together into the bed.

Love and hold each other.

Great for bonding.

It helps you relax your body and mind.

Maximize your rest and soul.

Resin is a concentrate.

I use it when I need a second wind or if I need to crash out.

capable of maintaining the incredibly low temperatures needed to produce live resin, combined w. freshly frozen plant material for an extract = high levels of terpenes, on average much higher than the extracts. "They claim that it can have psychoactive experience due to the interaction between the THC / CDB and cannabinoids. "

I have to say that never happened. I use it to kick me more into great for sativa.

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