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INDICA _Centered_By MiRAYO _ w. Santana

Sunset Sherbet its 7g

"yo Wha -da f... I thought so cause dude it is like slow down high". I was so ready for a day of focus yet this will be like one for night or .. yoga, prep for sleep. On the description it says "transcend"...... It could be a body high for the day yet I would suggest adding some sativa hash so you are not asleep. Then let your body feel relaxed with your brain alert. I totally thought I bought a sativa and I was like "yo nope It hits your front part to give you a tranquilizer effect." Like a more intense relaxing part in the front of your brain. Then it travels to the top of your head down your spine and to your back. I would recommend this for those with chronic pain. Like back leg etc. all of the body, head neck. I have yet to try his other strains yet for sure will check them out next.

The Bud Look and smell : In the meantime.

I was super jazzzzed to get the larger size 7 g. and the jar is super bad ass. Like my soulmate lover, she loves her those fun jars to reuse for spices and such and well these rrrr

.....super bad ass. They can be reused and is a great way to have your brand floating around well after they smoked your bud. That to me is great marketing. One that becomes a spice jar recycled, into your clients home. This is some presentation the top of the jar. is made of wood with a mandala burned on top.

The bud Super sweet and yep citrus for sure. They do a better job in spreading out all sizes of buds. Largest is like a pinky size and pretty dense.

It doesn’t hit you when you open the jar like some do. Yet let me break some and see if it still has a kick in the oils. Yep for sure. It has a dense bud and breaks into a great citrus smell. I would have like to have seen at least one nice big impressive bud. stem not counted in the weight. There has been just a few that have done that. Over all the bud is more light green in tones blended with light yellow and dashed with orange. The flower on this strain is very colorful and smell reminds me of sour candy. it for sure has a sweetness in the smell wowowoowowow

The High: It for sure has a sweetness to it and citrus to the smoke and you feel it on the first hit I would say. It for sure gives a pine taste and you do smell the name influence yet it smokes a bit more aggressive like a deep red wine. It is for reading late night and doing the self care medication nights whatever it is you do to unwind, rewind and or reboot for the week. Keep in mind it for sure would not be a day smoke unless balanced for the sedated effect. It has a more introspective feeling and recommend well for what it suggested was centered. Yea 4.5 _

In the Know : _ about the strain: Santana the rocker dude is the dude behind the brand. I am not sure more than that the site is pretty sweet and basic info. It leads you to how to grab some if you are in the west coast. This he has as "centered" And transcendent. This Strain is said to be good for chilling you out like moon chiller and a anxiety reliever. Those that like to meditate I would be like yo .. go fly.... Take some with ya...

INDICA _Centered_by _MiRAYO _ w. Santana

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