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Maui Jack Strain by Fire

When Maui Wowie and Jack Herer have a baby thc.27.8 Sativa Strain

Maui Jack - This is when you are looking for a pep in your step. When the clouds are overhead this will help clear them up. This strain is great classic blend for anytime of the week. It is a head high sativa and great for the day. For those that like to be active and yet have a little sedation this is great to keep you going. I got this @smartweeed and they have been a great dispensary if you happen to be in the area it is outside of weho on western. I make special trips to this place and mask up cause they have deals and the tax is already added so it is not a sticker shock. That is dope. They also make sure to have guests leave with great flower and a bonus. They have great selections and I will make a review for them in the week to come. Back to the bud. Their site is infusion factory yet its not herb so that some weird sh. So nothing I can find online on the brand if you see it let me know cause it would be cool to find

The Bud Look and Smell : Surprise it hits you when you open the jar. It has been a while that I got that punch. It is more on the light light green side. I can see orange and yellow some white strains and it is super sweet bud hits many of the things you look for in bud. So it makes your mouth water.. lets see if it smokes as good as it looks.

The Bud : It is dense and still feels wet like it breaks in a sticky way, not the easiest to roll the bud is for a pipe or bong. I would for sure want to try this in a vape or edible next time as the bud is not that easy to smoke. Great for those that are looking to clear the head and garden, work or exercise.

The High: Super light and not harsh on the smoke. It is citrus and hits you pretty fast. It keeps you awake and you can taste the sweetness. Reminds me of a summer day on a weho patio with Pinot Grigio and can be great during the day or night. The body is not effected it is more of a focus head high. Your senses are heightened and your mind clears like after a good yoga class.

In the Know : _ For those new smokers that may not know Jack. He is a classic legend in the cannabis world he goes back to before some of you reading this might be.. He came to LA in the 60's from NY in his 30s he opened a shop on Venice after becoming a cannabis advocate. His book is The emperor wears no clothes. He went on the create awareness and marches with ways to

inform the masses about the truth behind herb. He took it on himself to educate the crowds through out the us. He spoke on the medicinal and all other uses of hemp. He didn't create the herb it was named after him.

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