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Garcia Hand Picked Bud_Green Lantern Strain Sativa_ "Break me and pass me"

So it was the packaging that got me. I mean if Garcia the music dude is all about this bud must be good.? Well

The Bud Look and Smell: I would not say it was memorable. I will have to pick kit up again to be sure that I am not missing something. Yet as of this is just an ahhhhhh.... As a matter of fact I was quick to get another bud. So it was ok. It broke so easy it was like too dry. I mean when it hits a certain point even the smell will.... like any plants bud if picked and not storage in an air tight jar with a moist thing I think it wont last. i mean packaging has not been easy in the industry I am sure. I mean those glass jars are not cheap. This came in a sealed bag. The design is super dope. Super creative yet kept a class with not over doing the trip effect with the swirls. They go on and add that in the website. It sure is a better sight than I have seen in the past. I mean the cut out of the bud on the trip design I would have switched up as the bud gets lost in the busy background. I got kick out of sophomore year design school so hey I have some smack I can throw down. Besides We are basement critic for a reason... back to the bud. So it looks pretty with the colors like more than those that come in a bag. My experience is bag means more like dirt weed. More twigs and more of a woods like bud and not like a snow bud. You will know what I am talking about if you have J13 like the one I cover here. OMGI might have to go back and find that bud again it was pricy yet worth it from time to

time like fine red wine.

The High : Sativa blend of some OG Buds. I was a bit like espresso so it for sure gave me a bit up and up feeling. I coated it with some indica to take off the super caffeine like feeling. A Saturday day hike bud it is for sure good for a day hobbies I would skip it for work it was a bit too much to concentrate for me. There is an orange undertone with a grape mix in the smell. It was not overwhelming yet it was for sure a better looking bud than smell. . It was more twiggy than I had liked and yet I still am curious. Now for the moment.. It will take you for a good spin. I would say it is more edgy than I prefer. I would say extreme sport people surfers and hikers would dig this I mean it would amp up the work out for sure. I was not able to work on this it was a bit more distracting and I would place some kief of indica to cut that. yet then it would be a Saturday. The price was good and so I will go back and try more of their cannabis strains. Garciahandpicked.com you can see if they ship to you and if you can get your hands on it. I would say worth they pick up buy buyer beware. New smokers take the day off if your doing for the dive. Never drive and like anything do responsibly. See you @420 on sundays.

In the Know :

This strain has been in the loop and in the unknown. Some think it goes back to the 60's blend is of the classic white Rhino with some Sour diesel and Green crack. They say it is good for focus yet I did not find it to be. Comment below your thoughts. I also here there is a pine smell and yes when I mean woods like smell that is what I mean to a pine. Yes it can be a bit harsh and maybe due to the the twigs. I will for sure try it again and give an update. Another bud same brand. Cheero mates and there you go for the GD Fans. 4.5 out 5 stars.

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