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HERBARIUM in West Hollywood!!!

They are like neapolitan ice cream ......

The prices are always prime and so is the bud. The service.. uhmm subpar. Good thing they have a great selection of herb! Moon rocks if they were a bit lower in cost would be cooler. At times I could almost feel like it is too high grade yet they manage to have some great deals. This place is like how it felts when you were in your 20's and you have mixed feelings for someone. It is like a roller coaster. You get lead on then stonewalled. The front desk it's like filled with new 21-year-old women that are ready to date and coming out of their shirts. Again mixed feelings. They are not that friendly so far I have only met a few. This place is all about you getting your bud and going. Now with Pandemic I have not been in and I assume its like that x10. They grow their own bud. I get mixed bud from them .. Again..Mixed feelings

Do not go if you are looking to learn. Go to get what you need and leave. Great selection but look before you go online or do pick up. Their delivery make sure you order when you have 2 bowls left as they have a large window for delivery.

For those High Risk: Hit and miss on delivery. Sometimes they will be as fast as lighting and then the next, never show up. So after an hour call and check in to be sure your not forgotten... check as they might have been kicking it too hard during pre-meeting. So Id would say still got a "high vote" 

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