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Super Silver Haze Review

Local Strain that has had me for years... Yet this brand, Pure Beauty, took it to a new level! This strain is a Sativa

Such a sweet delight and they for sure live up to the name.

The Bud - is perfect in the grind it breaks easy, not too sticky... not dry AF.. just right. Goldilocks I would say agree with me. ...... this bud is 5 star indeed. The bud is dope as dope can be. It is dense in all the right places. Not to dry not to sticky. Pure magical strain and bud that keeps me thinking of it even after its been like weeks. This strain has been around for a long ass time and I have to go back every time. Pure Beauty grew this strain purrrfectly .... Hits every category in all the right places. They for sure went way into the off charts surpasses 5 stars. The smell is like a heavenly bud in a full bloom.

The High - This high will take will take you to the clouds on a Saturday morning. So light in the head. It is not a sit on couch bud. It is pleasant . Great for a hike if you take a few hits and hit some trails or a beach run. You don’t even know your high . It picks you up and enhances your surroundings yet doesn't make you a zombie like some Indica strains can..

The Smell - ohhhhhhh my the smell..... will take you to another world.

Better than cotton candy with a hint of grapefruit and pine.

Super Silver Haze is made by crossing the strains of Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk. The bud will help elevate you and reduces any of your high stress levels. Great when you are when suffering nausea and still want to get things done. Super 5 star

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