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Review BONZI Strain by Ball Family Farms

Oh My My My Had to go back for BONZI x 2 Twice! 5 STARS!!!

Sativa. Great for anytime and day! One hit wonder and will keep you going for a while.

I have to say this for sure brought me to a place of ohhhhhhh uhmmmmm

Productive and in the zone super filled with zen.

Ball Family Farm. It is another light white wine type strain. Makes me think of the summer fun splashing in the pool with a margarita.

THC 26% Cannabinoids 31.36% Indoor

The Bud Look and Smell : It is like a alien plant. When you see it up close you can see all the white crystals, light green, yellow, orange bud. It is a bit sticky for my liking yet high was worth it cause of the one hit wonder of it. Citrus flavors and smell super yummy! Sour and yet sweet. It is like sherbet ice cream. Lemon, lime and orange tastes and smells.

The High :

It for sure takes you there with one hit that will wake you up. It is super clean and you do not feel groggy. It is one for those herb goers that like to run and be in a zone. Those that like to work out, work and be medicated or maybe paint or any active day thing .....this does not get in the way of being productive. If you are looking for a great bud for ADD and anxiety this is one that I suggest this one. I am no MD. Like it cuts the edge without becoming a potato. This is what I call a sativa! yeppieeieiieieie

In the Know :

I don't seem to see anything on the strains that made this. It usually is a cross of seeds so I wonder where is the seed from? Is it an original to the brand? Hummmm. Comment below if you know. Check out their website this is how weed is the alien plant.

yepp yepp I mean I want to get a microscope for my camera cause dude! I for sure recommend picking this up! 5 Stars.

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