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"Double up Mint" Strain will get you to double down on the ground.

That is what I get for assuming the bud being a hybrid is going to be more sativa uhmm cause this one is not. Let us just say... I thought I could work on this and I was more distracted than ever before. It is for night time…. for sure or if you have the day off to chill. I would say it is heavy and you for sure feel the bud kick in. It was one that I was not expecting to hit me like so down like. I mean maybe next time I will read some beforehand however part of this is to just be as raw of the feeling of the bud… to see without any premediated like possible persuasion.

The look and smell : The Art and design of the packaging is always fun from Humboldt Farms. I was not taken back from the look of the bud. It was dense and slightly sticky. No real loud colors and strain it was just not a super wow aesthetic. There was no distinct smell either when opening the jar. I had to press into the broken bud to smell. I didn’t think of mint in smell or smoke as it alludes with the name. I would say nutty flavor like a almond.

The Smoke: It is a dense smoke. So it wont have you coughing yet it will land you on the couch. If you had a stressful week this is one to grab for the weekend for sure, Like a late Saturday night. Do not try to work on this. My bad. I would say yoga for sure would be great. It will help in clearing your mind for sure so I would recommend that maybe I will meditate

The High: Dreamy. You will be daydreaming for hours so clock out before lighting up.

In the Know : _ about the strain: It is a high THC 31.3% yet I don’t feel like it gives you that high feeling you just go straight to the zombie stoned feeling. I like to like ride the wave into the buzz. I did get a bit paranoid at first so test this one out with a back up in case you have to smoke this fast to get ride of. It was not my cup of tea. I do like me a sativa this one just didn’t feel smooth enough for me.

I would splif this at night next time and do some inner stuff.

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