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Chocolate Hashberry Strain

Mid Marijuana afternoon pick me up with a fresh cup of coffee.

Chocolate Hashberry Hybrid 50 / 50 Humboldt Farms_ this is the first time for me to try this brand Humboldt is a grower based out of Humboldt County in California. After learning about the brand I really like their mission statement. Worth checking them out and will grab this brand again.

The Look : Fancy jar wood top could be a keep to reuse for sure. The bud looks very fresh with the deep orange hairs and up-close bright crystals. Deep green with light green flower for the price pleasant for how good the marijuana looked and worked

The Smell : Hint of chocolate is true, sweet like cherry with a hint of Pine and Earth. You can taste the rain and the lightness. It has a sweetness Could be due to the name so I smell Blueberry.

The Smoke : Creep smoke. it seems like it didn’t work then all of a sudden you feel lifted.

You feel lifted in the mood. Not paranoid at all. Euphoric and relax, not a body high.

Lightness to the smoke clean and is a creeper in the hit.

I suggest mixing with hash sativa for workdays so you can have the body relaxed but

Still creative and aware.

The hit was good enough I would search for this as a marijuana plant for sure. humm seeds maybe it would be for sure a keeper

This Strain Suggested for: Depression, anxiety. I can see that it is meant to be head high and it for sure is not body I was for sure able to work and was not zonked. Not paranoid. Heightened head high. My body has no relief but if you wanted that you can add a pinch of indica hash to get that but I would do it later in the day so that could take you to a meditation state so as this is 50/50 It could be that my body is so tense that I am not as in-tune with my body. It is great for a bowl easy to grind, and smoke is clean. I mixed with a concentrate, and I say 2 Thumbs up... It was sativa hash and let me say.... I can work overtime. Going to do it now ay 6:17. _Catch this Bud _ Strain of Marijuana _Chocolate Hashberry it @ sweet flower off Melrose they are great.

A Basement Critic Review

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